18' Tropic Shock Double Slide w. Pool (New 2024)

18' Tropic Shock Double Slide w. Pool (New 2024)


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Base Price - 1-Day Pricing $349.00
2-Day Pricing $523.50

Actual Size: 28ftL x 19ftW x 18ftH


Introducing the 18 Ft Tropic Shock Double Slide with Huge Pool, the ultimate water adventure for thrill-seekers of all ages. This brand-new 2024 addition to our product line promises endless hours of fun, excitement, and refreshing splashes.

Designed with innovation and safety in mind, this impressive inflatable water slide features not one, but two exhilarating slides that tower to an impressive 18 feet. Imagine the rush as you zoom down these thrilling slides, feeling the wind in your hair and the excitement building with each twist and turn.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. At the bottom of the slides awaits a massive pool, providing a refreshing oasis for you and your friends to cool off and relax. With its generous size, the pool offers plenty of space for everyone to enjoy and make lasting memories.

Crafted with top-quality materials, the 18 Ft Tropic Shock Double Slide with Huge Pool ensures durability and longevity, guaranteeing countless seasons of entertainment. Its vibrant tropical-themed design adds a touch of paradise to any backyard, making it a standout attraction at parties, gatherings, or even just a regular sunny day.

Setting up this water slide is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. Within minutes, you can transform your outdoor space into an exciting water park, ready to provide endless amusement for kids and adults alike.

Safety is our utmost priority, and this product meets and exceeds industry standards. It features reinforced stitching, secure anchor points, and sturdy construction, ensuring a worry-free experience for parents and guardians.

Whether you're planning a summer party, a neighborhood get-together, or simply want to enjoy some quality family time, the 18 Ft Tropic Shock Double Slide with Huge Pool is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment arsenal. Get ready to make a splash and create unforgettable memories with this thrilling water slide.

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