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Dunk Tank


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Base Price - 1-Day Pricing $324.00
2-Day Pricing $486.00

Age Group: 18+



What is the Dunk Tank all about?


The Dunk Tank is one of the most exciting rental item we have! The thrill it brings to a party is glorious! Witness as your colleagues, family members, friends or anyone who is aboard, get wet and dumped into the Dunk Tank! This one is a classic! 


The Dunk Tank is a great rental item specially this summer season! If you want your party to be extra special, go with the Dunk Tank!  Your family and friends would surely enjoy the Dunk Tank! Both young adults and grown ups would really love the Dunk Tank! You are given 3 attempts to hit the target using the included ball, so that the person sitting on the platform would fall down the tank. It would surely be an awesome experience!


This party rental is perfect for any season, may it be summer parties,  birthday parties, events in schools or churches, fundraisers, company picnics, corporate events, family gatherings, and any other occasion as long as the slide fits! The Dunk Tank can be setup both indoors and outdoors, but we recommend the latter due to the water factor.

What sets the Dunk Tank apart?


The Dunk Tank includes the following features:

  1. A Solid Ring and Chamber 
  2. A Tank To Be Filled With Water
  3. A Safety Ladder and Handles to The Platform
  4. Clear Front View from Inside The Dunk Tank
  5. Stand Alone Trigger Target
  6. Balls to Trigger Disengage The Platform

The adults would really love the Dunk Tank. This rental item would definitely require you to expend your energy, going up and down the platform! We call the one sitting on the platform the "dunkee".  This would really tire the "dunkee" out in no time! Most of our customers having a generic theme or a classic summer theme party would rent our Dunk Tank. You could never go wrong with the Dunk Tank. This unit is for wet use only! 

Things to consider when renting the Dunk Tank?


When renting the Dunk Tank, you would need to make sure that:



  • If you have a gate or a fence, please make sure it is at least 6 ft. wide, NO EXCEPTIONS to facilitate safe and smooth passage of this rental unit.
  • If kids are going to participate, it is with strict adult supervision.
  • The manufacturer recommends only adults (18 yrs. and above), at least 5 ft. tall and weighs 225 lbs. as participants.
  • Please make sure you have a hose long enough to reach the Dunk Tank and fill it up with water. We do not provide the hose and water source. 
  • No stairs or steep inclines as this Dunk Tank is not collapsible. 

Other important facts about our company and renting the Dunk Tank:

  • Leaping To fun only delivers the latest and greatest inflatable units/ rental items, and we make sure all our products are at par with the commercial standards.
  • We make sure that all of our units are cleaned and sanitized prior delivery.
  • Our units are manufactured with "lead free" vinyl, which makes them perfectly safe for your kids and guests.
  • Deposits are non-refundable, that's why kindly finalize everything before booking.
  • Changes on your order can be made not later than 7 days prior your rental date.
  • Keep your lines open as our planning and logistics team would call, or text you confirming rental details.
  • If you have any questions, you can always text, call or email us.
 *** Important Reminder: This Dunk Tank rental unit would require a 6 ft. wide entrance as we would need to make sure it fits right thru your gate or fence or door when we deliver.

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